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Experience Education at SCL.


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So much more than just a qualification.


All our programmes unlock your potential and are developed, and quality assured to set you on a path to a future career.


Your dedicated tutor, progress coach and our support teams are dedicated to you and your development at SCL.


A dedicated team of specialists will support you if you are required to work towards these qualifications as part of your programme.


We focus on giving you the experience and skills as part of your programme with SCL to secure future employment on your career journey.


We use Microsoft Teams to engage with learners, collaborate effectively and communicate efficiently.


We maintain an ethos and culture where you feel safe, feel comfortable to talk and know you will be heard.


The educational experiences we provide are designed to achieve so much more than just an academic award. As a learner with us, you will live new experiences, gain new skills and achieve a qualification that will set you on a pathway to a successful career.

Our focus is on your experience, your journey, and your future. We put you at the centre of everything we do and deliver an exceptional education experience.

Each year we motivate and educate over 3,000 young people, giving them the opportunity to open the door to their future.



We unlock potential using our 360 approach to learning and development; The SCL Way.

We do this using our sport centred learning approach, which is based on the principles of sport.

We have all seen throughout history the power and energy that sport brings to teach people the attributes of a winning team mentality. To be at your best on and off the pitch, you have to focus on how you prepare yourself to succeed.

At SCL, we apply these principles to how we teach education programmes, to focus on how we engage and motivate you and develop you academically, mentally and physically.

Mental Resilience

You can do anything with the right mindset. As part of your development at SCL we help you build your mental toughness with a focus on how to drive positivity, manage anxiety and build resilience.

Physical Health

Your physical health has a direct impact on good mental health and your wellbeing. We support you to focus on what good physical health looks like and nutrition creating a positive way of life for your future.

Motivation & Engagement

We understand that everyone is unique and everyone is motivated in different ways. At SCL we focus on understanding what makes your different and how we can support you to become the best version of you.