Teacher Talent


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Our Teacher Talent Pathway (TTP) is designed to support the development of teachers and provide a career pathway suited to goals and aspirations.

We recognise the importance of high-quality teaching staff and we have put together a comprehensive Teacher Talent Pathway programme that will support our new and existing talent to becoming the best educators to our students. As we know, we are #StrongerTogether.

Our SCL Teacher Talent Pathway programme consists of three key components: Teacher competencies (Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours), Teacher Talent Pathway Plan (which includes annual plan and PDP within our internal system ‘Grow’) and the Certification at each level.

The purpose of the Teacher Talent Pathway (TTP) is:
To provide transparency to teaching staff
To provide a framework of development, as well as assessing current capability
To ensure teachers are given accountability for their progress
To encourage valuable conversations between teacher and line manager (e.g. assess level of self-awareness)
To build a positive culture (specifically around behaviours)
To provide a pipeline of staff progression (e.g. future leaders)
To review business objectives and personal development plan regularly


Several knowledge, skills, and behaviours have been identified for effective teaching within SCL. Each certification point will require a level of evidence to represent the progression in self-development, this will be recorded in ‘Grow’ as part of the internal review process, encouraging excellent developmental discussions between the teacher and line manager.


The Teacher Talent Pathway Plan is divided into three sections and executed using our Development and Review tools, Learn and Grow. The Annual Review encourages reflection over the previous academic year. The Annual Plan provides clarity of teacher objectives for the current academic year from a business perspective (supported by KPIs). The Talent Pathway review records progress against teacher competencies (KSBs) throughout the academic year, to ensure you each reflect and develop as individuals.


To continually develop all delivery staff, teachers will be given an opportunity to attend additional training and take on additional responsibility. Upon demonstrating their overall impact, the teacher can apply for certification at the appropriate level. As a result of their effort and impact, a teacher may be rewarded financially.



Demonstrate KSBs
Pre-Apprentice Teacher
Entry level –experience in an educational setting or industry e.g. TA, Fitness Instructor, Kids Coach
Likely to be college/university leavers
Level 2/GCSE English & Maths (working towards)
1-year internal development programme –prep for Level 5 Teaching
Mentored by Level 4/5 Teacher
Placements (regionalised)

AIM: Talent pool of teachers who understand The SCL Way. Show commitment to development before completing Level 5.


Demonstrate KSBs
Unqualified teacher
Working towards Level 5 Teacher Diploma (2 years)
Mandatory licences achieved
Undergrad degree/relevant experience/qualifications
Level 2 Maths & English (or equivalent)
Mentored by Level 4/5
Delivering to cohorts (ideally not single site)
CPD = 15 hours
Evidence of engagement with HOW2 and impact

AIM: Develop teaching practice and work towards becoming qualified.


Meet Level 2 criteria
Demonstrate KSBs
Level 5 Qualified/PGCE
Developing evidence towards QTS or QTLS
1-year previous Teaching experience
Mandatory licences achieved
Extra regional responsibility
CPD = 30 Hours
Evidence of engagement with HOW2 and impact

AIM: Develop teaching practice and work towards becoming qualified.


Meet Level 3 criteria
3-5 years experience
Singular site Programme Leads (depending on needs of business)
Supporting with Deep Dives and other QA activity where applicable
Experience of teaching across levels (2, 3) and quals (e.g. NCFE, BTEC)
Licence 2 Mentor and Licence 2 Observe
Mentor Level 1 & Level 2 teachers
Peer 2 Peer Observations
Extra responsibility/Specialised National Ambassador e.g. Wellbeing, Regional Ambassador for IV
Shadow a Manager
Mentored by a ‘specialist’ in role e.g. Manager or Group Quality Lead
CPD = 30 Hours
HOW2 Champion
Future Leaders Programme

AIM: High Quality Teachers who start their journey into curriculum leadership, coaching and mentoring.


Meet Level 3 & 4 criteria
Qualified and experienced across levels and qualifications.
5+ years experience in sector
Programme Lead for Multiple Sites within a Region (depending on needs of business)
Extra responsibility (e.g. Internal Quality Assurance, curriculum development, ops support)
Contribute to the delivery of future leaders
CPD = 35+ Hours
Reward –SET Membership

AIM: Exceptional Teachers who expand their experience, working towards roles within leadership, coaching and mentoring.

Teacher Talent Pathway Process

The teacher will be levelled based upon previous qualifications, experience, responsibility, and current salary.

Before the Teacher Talent Pathway meeting, the teacher will complete a digital Teacher Talent Pathway review form rating their competencies which they will share with the Manager in advance of the meeting.

The Manager will review and prepare for the meeting.

During the meeting a professional discussion on evidence, objectives, and a Personal Development Plan for the year ahead.

Development opportunities will be recommended/provided during reviews.

Regular termly Teacher Talent Pathway reviews will support progress and measure development.