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SCL offer an individualised and unique support function to effectively meet the needs of learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LDD).

SCL have a designated team of Learning Support Coaches who devise and deliver a tailored plan for learners with LDD/SEND to ensure they are given the best opportunity to achieve their aspirations and goals.

Plans could include a combination of:

1-2-1 or small group in classroom support

1-2-1 or small group out of classroom support

1-2-1 or small group remote online support

Delivered daily, weekly or monthly to suit the learner’s need.


For Learners

To access the various types of support available, you will need to be referred to our Learning Support and SEND team who will complete an initial needs assessment.

The Learning Support and SEND team work closely with Local Authorities, your Parent/Carer and external organisations, attending termly, and/or annual reviews, if needed, to ensure we have all the information we need before you join us.

Discussions could include progression routes, transition programmes and individual support needs.

If you have had previous arrangements approved to complete learning and/or examinations, please contact the Learning Support and SEND team to discuss your options.

Exam Arrangements could include:

Extra time



Enlarged font

Coloured resources


Rest breaks

Email the Learning Support and SEND team:


For Parents

A referral to discuss potential additional support can be made at the following stages:

Pre-entry – Expression of Interest

On submission of an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Pre-entry identification (during interview)


Parent/Carer referral

As part of a transition programme

Once a learner has enrolled, referrals can be made through the following:


Tutor/Trainer/Lecturer referral

Parent/Carer referral

Employer referral

Partnership/Academy referral

When the Initial Needs Assessment has been completed, our Learning Support and SEND team will work with a learner to provide them with an individualised programme of support.

This may include:

Specialist teaching and/or support

Assistive technology support

Diagnostic assessment

Equipment support

Exam access arrangements

In-class support


Small group workshops

Remote online support

Pastoral support

Our Learning Support and SEND team work closely with our delivery colleagues to best meet the needs of the learner.


For Local Authorities

Our facilities are designed to enhance the learner’s experiences and enable them to succeed. We aim to create a secure and welcoming environment in collaboration with our partners and employers.

Learners with LDD/SEND have an individual plan of study that supports their needs and aspirations. The curriculum can be personalised and adapted to enhance the skills and knowledge of learners with LDD/SEND, and may include:

Personal and social development

Employability skills

Work experience

Functional skills in English and Maths

GCSE English and Maths

SCL take a holistic and learner centred approach to ensuring outstanding experiences and outcomes. Learners are celebrated for who they are and encouraged to reach their personal best.

SCL are an inclusive provider and will endeavor to meet the needs of learners with LDD/SEND.

We welcome applicants with learning difficulties, neurodiversity and disabilities, including those with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

The Learning Support and SEND team will engage in consultation with Local Authorities to establish whether the needs of the learner can be met.

General enquiries contact:

Sensitive documentation can be sent securely to:

Our SEND Policy