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Whether you want to aim higher, whether you’re starting on a brand-new career path, you can achieve with SCL.

SCL offers funded*, fully accredited English & maths GCSE programmes that you can study while you’re on the go.

SCL’s programmes are designed to help you learn with confidence, with the guidance of committed English & maths Specialists providing their expertise and supporting you until you achieve your qualification.

We offer flexible learning material which is both mobile and tablet friendly, allowing you to fit your English and/or maths programme around your life. You will have access to a variety of smart, easy to use applications and dedicated support from your tutor.

Once your GCSE English & maths programmes are complete, you will have those vital life-long skills that we all need to develop and to solve problems.

*Funding is dependent on your age and programme that you are studying.



Many university courses require a good level of English and maths in order to apply. Usually, there is a level 2 minimum requirement, equivalent to a GCSE grade 4 or higher.


Employers want staff who have a good foundation in English and maths and a lack of qualification in English and maths can be a major barrier to employment.


Evidence shows that higher skills in English and maths can increase life expectancy and reduce the risk of encountering a range of mental health issues.


We have invested in GCSEPod to support you both
in and outside of lessons, featuring short videos and
questions to ‘check and challenge’ knowledge.


You will receive a log-in to BKSB, where you will complete an initial assessment and diagnostic to identify any skill gaps. BKSB will be used to support you and tailor your learning.


Our English & maths Specialists will
support your individual development and help to
unlock your potential.