SCL Education Group appoints Brad Rushton as CEO: Empowering a new team of leaders to drive the future strategy for SCL


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  • SCL Education Group today announces Brad Rushton as Group CEO.
  • Owners Lewis Field and Steve Franks take their position as Board Directors after 22 years of building SCL Education Group’s positive impact.
  • They now empower a new team of leaders to drive the destiny of SCL with Brad Rushton at the helm.

We are delighted to announce that Brad Rushton has been appointed as the new CEO of SCL Education Group.

Owners, Lewis Field and Steve Franks, now focus on their position as Board Directors after 22 years of building SCL Education Group. They now empower a new team of leaders to drive SCL’s destiny on the road to future success with Brad Rushton at the helm.

Founded in 1999, as it stands today SCL Education Group is built on four organisations, all driven by the same goal, to unlock potential across the UK. Together, we are leading providers in education, apprenticeships, traineeships, adult education, sports coaching, childcare, and end point assessment.

Brad Rushton, CEO said “It is a real privilege to be appointed as CEO of the SCL Education Group and lead them on their future journey.

In 2016 I met with Lewis and Steve and heard about the work that SCL were doing with their partners, customers and in local communities.

Their journey resonated strongly with my own, through my career journey I had seen first-hand the power that sport has in motivating and engaging people to do more and the importance of the principles it teaches you, creating strong life skills for the future.

I was in awe that an organisation could be so focussed on having a positive impact in their communities, using the power of sport as a springboard to achieve and as a motivational tool giving people every opportunity to succeed.

I have seen first-hand the work that SCL’s team does to create life shaping experiences for their customers, and I am honoured to now lead them in the continuation of this work. “

Re-establishing what the power of sport means

SCL Education Group is built on the power of sport. Born in the active childcare space, sport was the catalyst to make our motivations a reality and grow our positive impact across the last two decades.

SCL started its journey in 1999 with our Founders running sport-based holiday clubs for 4–12-year-olds in local communities. Our Founders understood the importance of physical activity in nurturing young children’s potential and building good habits and skills for a lifetime, creating happy, healthy lives. As it stands today, our School Sport and Children’s activity division is thriving, having engaged and impacted over 1 million children and young people to this day.

Talking about Brad’s appointment, Lewis Field said “this is an important day in SCL’s history and a new era for SCL on their future journey to impact more people positively. Watch this space as SCL continues to grow their quality of delivery in the sectors they work in and breaks out into new industries”

Steve Franks said “Brads appointment as CEO is an important step for SCL on the road to brighter horizons and I am really excited he is going to be leading the business. Working with a new team of directors and leaders at SCL, we are looking forward to seeing the new opportunities Brad’s leadership brings to SCL”

Brad is a true believer that using the power of sport you can do anything, and he is on a mission to re-establish what this means.

Developing a unique and unrivalled approach to people development, ‘sports centred learning’, Brad has worked with the team at SCL to use the power of sport as a platform to not only develop learning potential but to develop a way of life.

People at the heart of a business

Brad believes that the key to a successful business is motivated and engaged teams who believe in the mission and vision of an organisation. He has seen the work of a motivated workforce first-hand through the dedication and resilience demonstrated by SCL’s teams during Covid.

His ongoing commitment to the teams at SCL is putting their wellbeing first and ensuring SCL continues to be a great place to work. His appointment of a new People & Culture Director is the first step of many in SCL’s new ‘great place to work strategy’.

Harriet Bailey, People & Culture Director said. ‘My core focus at SCL is to take its employee value proposition to the next level. We want to continue to ensure SCL is a great place to work and ensure we are attracting new talent whilst retaining our current dedicated workforce. Staff wellbeing is an ongoing priority for us, and we will be building a new strategy for this as part of our journey to reach new horizons”

On a journey to grow SCL’s positive impact

We are fully focussed on the future and our ongoing journey to have a positive impact. An important driving force behind this strategy is the newly formed business divisions of SCL; SCL Professional and DNA skills.

SCL Professional deliver leading people and workforce development with large employers and DNA Skills are a specialist End Point Assessment organisation in the world of sport.

Our ongoing work to give back to local communities and create opportunities for future and current generations has recently been recognised by the government, with SCL winning an adult education contract for just under £1m.  

Brad’s Appointment as CEO is one of many investments SCL has made to continue our work in the communities we serve, with a true focus on what is best for our customers.