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Thank you for all your hard work this year as you continue on your journey with SCL Education.

The Department for Education has been clear on the critical importance of not causing any disruption to education and has stated that keeping education open is a priority.

The Government is clear on the critical importance of not disrupting the education of children and young people and the Government will prioritise keeping all education and childcare settings open.” 

Department for Education

To enable us to return on the proposed start of term date, 4th January 2022, I am writing to update you on the current measures required to enable a safe return to the classroom.

In line with Government guidance, we require your support by implementing the following measures:

Lateral Flow Testing

  • The Department for Education will require you to self-test (lateral flow) prior to returning to education.
  • You will need to carry out a LFT on Sunday 2ndJanuary and register the test following the LTF instruction booklet. SCL staff, who will also be testing prior to their return, will require confirmation of a positive test on entry.
  • You will be required to continue to LFT test 3 times a week minimum as per our recommendation: Sunday night and Wednesday night and Friday mornings.

You can obtain free Lateral Flow Tests from your local pharmacy or via the following link:

Mask Wearing:

You are required to wear an appropriate face covering during the following times whilst on site for all elements of your programme:

  • Access/egress to buildings
  • Moving around buildings etc. corridors, toilets
  • In all communal areas- they may remove their mask when eating and drinking

These will not be available on site but can be purchased locally. A good face mask has a double layer of washable, breathable fabric that helps keep the wearer from spreading potentially infected droplets into the air.

Positive Covid Cases:

Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 will not be admitted to site and must follow the isolation guidance as set out by the Government.

In addition, if there are any symptoms of Covid present, even if a Lateral Flow Test returns a negative reading, a PCR test must be booked to rule out any presence of the virus.

You must ensure your tutor is informed and updated should there be a presence of any symptoms or the return of a positive test on either a LFT or PCR.

Anyone who tests positive over the festive period, must inform NHS Track and Trace of any close contacts must be informed.

Close Contacts:

  • All learners are required to inform their tutor if they are identified as a close contact of Covid.
  • The Government minimum is for non-vaccinated adults to obtain a PCR and isolate for a full 10 days regardless of the result.
  • Fully vaccinated adults will seek a PCR test. If this returns a negative result, the recommendation is to LFT test for 7 days. Please refer to Government isolation guidance to track any changes which they may implement.


  • We are working with our education partners to maximise good ventilation.
  • Where applicable, we encourage classroom windows and doors to remain open.
  • Please wear additional base layers as we go further into winter.

Hand Hygiene:

We encourage you to sanitise your hands on arrival to and departure from their class. All sites have a regime in place to replenish sanitisation products as well as clean ‘touch points’ throughout the day.

We will continue to monitor the ever-evolving risks posed by the Covid-19 virus. SCL have selected a team of staff to meet on 31st December 2021 to review any changes which may be implemented beyond our control. Should the impact of any changes at Government level disrupt our return to education on January 4th, 2022, we will communicate directly with you via email and publish an update on our website: 

Please take home any resources which you may need, should there be a future need to move to online learning. 

We wish you, your family and loved ones a restful break over the festive period and look forward to welcoming you back in 2022.